Passing Words / Proof of Life

Passing Words Presents

The JMJ Project: Proof of Life
February 1-10, 2018 at 8:00pm, Potrero Stage

Box Office Press Release

Three unlikely people join together to find a mysterious designer which leads to the revelation of their own dark secrets. The JMJ Project: Proof of Life is a play that examines beliefs of identity, existence and asks what it is to been seen and understood in the world. This world premiere of this production is inspired by and based on the life and writings of Jeffery Michael Janes and his remarkable life journey.

The JMJ Project: Proof of Life is an interdisciplinary piece that incorporates the music of cellist, Eugenio Solinas and soprano, Ann Elizabeth Jones and features actors Lena Mullins, Christopher Pflueger, David Richardson and Cole Alexander Smith.

Passing Words is a part of PlayGround’s Potrero Stage Presenting Program.